I'm a Life & Business coach for entrepreneurs with adhd & a Spiritual mentor

Entrepreneurs and leaders seek my guidance to help effectively manage the intricacies of their personal and professional lives, with a particular focus on addressing ADHD. I excel in delivering practical strategies that enable individuals to find their flow & really flourish in various aspects of life. My areas of specialization include ADHD leadership, spirituality, money mindset, and work/life balance. Welcome!

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Supporting ADHD Leaders in 

Flowing & Flourishing

As a passionate advocate for supporting entrepreneurs and leaders with ADHD in harnessing their unique strengths, my mission is to help you discover your state of optimal focus, productivity and happiness.

I provide tailored coaching solutions designed to ignite the sparks of passion, purpose, and fulfillment within the professional lives of leaders navigating the challenges of ADHD. Through my proven approach, which has consistently yielded concrete results, I empower these individuals to cultivate their strengths and become more engaged and effective leaders, driving positive transformations not only for themselves but also for their organizations.

Let's collaborate to unlock the hidden potential within your entrepreneurial and leadership team, paving the way for remarkable success!

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Why clients work with me


I create safe, totally private space where you can let go of your deepest fears, worries and troubles, allowing you to feel instantly better. I often joke that I keep people's secrets for a living, but really its my job to hold space for you to talk through whatever's got you stuck.


I specialize in coaching individuals with ADHD to tackle various challenges in their personal lives, helping them manage communication breakdowns, establish a healthy work-life balance, and resolve conflicts effectively. My goal is to enhance your overall well-being and boost your personal satisfaction.


I provide guidance on effective tools, systems, and mindset reframes to assist you in thriving in your role as a leader of your community


When we work together, I'm thinking about you all the time. I'm brainstorming for you, I'm making connections to people that can advance your life, I'm introducing you to connections that can hire you. I'm washing my hair, getting downloads from spirit and writing notes in my phone to share with you.