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Entrepreneurs and leaders seek my guidance to help effectively manage the intricacies of their personal and professional lives, with a particular focus on addressing ADHD

Hear from my past clients, and see how I can help you implement practical strategies that enable you to find your flow and flourish in all areas of life including spirituality, money, and leadership!

"I was stuck for 6 months around what I wanted my packages to look like so I can scale my business. I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own but was drawing a blank. In one session with Alyssa, we not only mapped out all of my offerings, but shed light on exactly what I can do to reach the next level. I know what to do, who to hire, and where to start. And for someone who’s been stuck for nearly half a year, this session was invaluable. It was so impactful to soundboard with someone who understands my line of work and can organize my thoughts and ideas, and ask the right questions to bring clarity to the biggest hurdles I’ve been facing. I would highly recommend working with Alyssa to any entrepreneur or leader who wants a trusted advisor to get them to the next level!"

Tianna Morin

Strategic Business Manager for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Owner of Spirit & Strategy 

"When we started working together 3 years ago, Alyssa helped me get my financials in order as an entrepreneur. Last year I attended a retreat of hers that single-handedly changed the trajectory of my life., and most recently she helped me understand the guilt & shame spiral of ADHD. Having a tangible record of your accomplishments while being able to track your progress builds confidence and counteracts shame for ADHDers. If you’re considering working with Alyssa, I beyond highly recommend it! The accountability for struggling entrepreneurs is absolutely vital to the sustainability of your business!"

Leah Adams - alcohol-free coach

"Alyssa has been my go-to coach for 3+ years now, for both my business and my personal life. I started with her in a Conscious Wealth mastermind group. I’ve also done 2 of her retreats in San Diego which were both extremely powerful & transformative. I joined her women's spiritual and business mastermind 3 times in a row, where I was able to get weekly support from Alyssa and her network of super-knowledgeable professionals.

During my ADHD rescue session, Alyssa helped me identify, process, and let go of anxieties I was holding onto from my past related to my business, specifically. She allowed me to visualize my stressors and effectively close out those worries in my brain. I was able to verbally process what I was going through and Alyssa compassionately shed light on what was bothering me & released what was no longer serving me.

I would highly recommend working with her to anyone who is a spiritual entrepreneur or in a leadership role, especially if you think you have ADHD and would like to learn more about yourself."

Ashley Ritch, intuitive life coach

"I’ve worked with Alyssa a handful of times over the past 3 years, and she’s the real deal! Our most recent work together was around helping me navigate entrepreneurship through ADHD. She helped me get to the root of some of the biggest blocks I've experienced over my life, some of which had simple solutions, but they were life-altering for me. If you’re someone who has ADHD you probably have experienced hyper-focusing on your passions, well this is one of Alyssa’s helpful hyper-fixations to help others with their ADHD. If you’ve felt like ADHD has held you back from your full potential, this could be the solution to help you overcome that - I definitely recommend working with Alyssa!"

Annie Bardonski - manifestation expert & youtube Influencer (420k followers)

"I started working with Alyssa in 2021, and have gone to a couple of her retreats/workshops, and was in her mastermind for entrepreneurial spiritual women 3 times. Most recently, I had a session with Alyssa around my ADHD brain, and we created a customized system to work for my unique brain. I got a clear idea of how to get out of the spiral of analysis paralysis and over-thinking by having easy-to-implement strategies when I get distracted. Once we identified the problems that existed, we figured out how to fix them and now I have a much clearer grasp on how to move myself and my business forward. If you feel like your ADHD brain doesn’t fit into anything out there, Alyssa’s an excellent resource to have to connect to what will work for you!"

Allison KT - boundaries coach

"I’ve hired Alyssa on multiple occasions and she’s always been a relatable, supportive, and expansive coach/friend. She was the reason I had the confidence to call myself a copywriter when I first joined her entrepreneur mastermind in 2019. She's also helped me show up as my authentic self, feeling smart and capable. Most recently we did an ADHD Rescue Session together. My anxiety around my ADHD tendencies was a 10 when we started, but within the hour it went down to a very manageable 3 -- I felt a million times lighter! She has a way of making you feel like it's safe to be yourself personally and professionally. 11/10 I recommend you work with her!"

Erin Cafferty - copywriter

"I hired Alyssa as my 1 on 1 coach when I was wondering, “do I have ADHD? What does that mean for me?” Through working together, I’ve learned there’s no need to be self-critical about trends and patterns, and characteristics. And I can be aware of those without being self-critical. My old pattern was to stress myself and my nervous system out, and I didn’t have the free space in my mind to work on myself. So now that I’ve learned about myself, I can find gentle ways to approach opportunities to improve those areas. That’s been the single most beneficial part of working with Alyssa, as well as the accountability check ins, and customizing a plan and routines that works specifically for me, that fit into my schedule and my life. Invest in yourself, because Alyssa can help you do the work and implement it into your life. You’re worth the investment."

Jordan Kennedy 

"I initially hired Alyssa as my financial coach after my divorce. Now 5 years later, I’ve worked with her in the capacity of financial coaching, business coaching, 2 retreats, 4 rounds of masterminds, and ADHD life coaching. So overall, we’ve worked together 7 times now, and I know that she will be my go-to person for support for the rest of my life.

For someone with ADHD, Alyssa provides the vessel to move your thoughts, plans and dreams forward. She’s a great back-and-forth sounding board that helps transfer all the ideas that are floating around in my head into focused direction. Little kernels of thoughts and ideas that were jumbled because of ADHD, become fully formed and clear through working with Alyssa. I keep coming back over & over because our work together has been extremely transformative and life-changing."

Jamie Gerhold - fine artist

"Having worked with Alyssa 4 times in the past, I can’t recommend her enough. I first started working with Alyssa through a workshop and loved her energy and approach. And then I joined her mastermind group because I was in a season where I was feeling untethered. After a year upleveling in the mastermind, my branding business was in an entirely different space then when I started.

Fast forward 6 months, and I found myself during a launch stuck in overwhelm, when I learned about her ADHD rescue sessions. In 60 minutes, we were able to clearly identify how I was getting in my own way, talked about how to reframe it, and created an action plan that I could immediately implement to get unstuck. This is great for anyone who feels stuck, whether you have ADHD or you’re a busy-bodied perfectionist. If you're feeling overwhelmed and sick of your own BS, this is the thing you need to get you taking action again without shame."

Kristy Black - brand designer

"I’ve been attending Alyssa’s events for a few years now and I love the way that she holds space, which naturally translated to the way that she holds space for the ADHD Rescue Sessions. She really helps cut through the murkiness of trying to take all the creative, entreprenurial ideas I have and break them down into simple and clear steps, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The way that she’s able to take the 150 things I said, hear it, and lay it out simply and concisely, simplified my overwhelming thought process and I left the session feeling clear and motivated. If this resonates with you, I highly recommend that you connect with Alyssa!"

Leslie Keegan - internal health coach

"I was worried that she was just going to tell me something I already knew, as an entrepreneur who’s been managing her ADHD for some time. But it wasn’t that. I was able to get unstuck and move in a direction that I'm passionate about without all the resistance that I was feeling before. Alyssa went into my struggles with me, and we created actionable steps to re-focus into what I’m passionate about. It’s not just getting unstuck, its feeling lighter, feeling passionate again, feeling in flow. I haven’t had this level of clarity in 5 months! Meeting with Alyssa allowed me to give myself permission to refocus, that I didn’t even know I needed. 10/10 would recommend!"

Dylan Laylani - body love course creator

"Experiencing profound breakthroughs together has been an incredible journey with Alyssa. After spending 1.5 years working with a highly qualified psychologist armed with numerous degrees and masters, I realized that sometimes, professionals can become disconnected from their intuition while relying heavily on studies. That's where Alyssa's work stands out—it seamlessly integrates expertise with intuition. The results have exceeded my expectations, and I've achieved not just what I hoped for, but so much more. Alyssa's approach is truly amazing."

Isa Casas - Nutritionist

"Alyssa was brought on by my employer when I was burnt out & on the brink of quitting. She really helped me map out what I was most effective at, and what I was most passionate about, which helped revitalize my attitude toward my job. Having been at the company for so long, it was really beneficial to have her outside perspective to re-draw healthy work-life boundaries for both myself and my team members. Highly recommend to any company as a really healthy way to bring mental wellness support into the company culture."

Allie Pristas - creative director

"I felt so scatter-brained & overwhelmed pretty much every day, trying to figure out what I need to be doing for my coaching business to move the needle forward. I had been trying to do it on my own, and eventually decided to bring in Alyssa, knowing that she would understand my ADHD brain. She helped me create a system for not only my work life, but also my personal schedule, so that I can be more efficient with my time and feel more at ease. It’s extremely helpful to have somebody in your corner who’s helping you organize your brain, and I would highly highly highly recommend for anyone feeling scattered, overwhelmed or anxious about their daily routine. This work completely shifted my life and is 1000% worth taking the time to address."

Elan Zelenka - self-love coach