BLOG POST: 3 ADHD Quirks That Are Actually Superpowers

Published March 5, 2024

Last blog post, I pointed out 4 Superpowers of ADHDers, and today, let's dive into three quirks of ADHD that are actually superpowers in disguise:

1. Pattern Sensitivity: ADHD brains are like finely tuned pattern detectors. You might notice connections and patterns that others overlook, making you a master problem solver and strategist. Embrace this ability to see the bigger picture and navigate complex situations with ease.

2. Out-of-the-Box Thinking: ADHD brains are wired differently, allowing for unconventional thinking patterns. This means you're a natural innovator, capable of seeing solutions others might miss. Your unique perspective can spark groundbreaking ideas and revolutionize industries (think of neurodivergent inventors like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison).

3. Energetic Passion: Sure, you might have boundless energy that can sometimes feel overwhelming. But channel that energy into pursuits you're passionate about, and you become an unstoppable force. Your enthusiasm is infectious and can inspire those around you to reach new heights. (For example, I spent the last 5 months painting all 12 of the zodiac signs, with over 180 hours of time invested because I LOVE to paint and it lights me up. Curious? You can see the series here).

Do you know someone who could benefit from unlocking their ADHD superpowers? Send this to them and let's empower more ADHDers together!

As a member of this community, I’d love to gift you a free 30-minute coaching session. We will spend our time brainstorming solutions for you and will discuss coaching only if that seems supportive for you.  I love these sessions and look forward to connecting!

Remember, your ADHD isn't a flaw—it's a set of superpowers waiting to be unleashed! Embrace your quirks, leverage your strengths, and let your brilliance shine.

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BLOG POST: 4 Superpowers Of ADHDers

Published Feb 22, 2024

Today, I want to shed light on something remarkable: the superpowers of ADHDers. Often misunderstood, individuals with ADHD possess unique abilities that move society forward (think inventors like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison). 

There are many many ADHD superpowers that I will dig into over time, 

but here are 4 of my favorites:

1) Hyperfocus: When passionate about a task or project, ADHDers can achieve a level of intense concentration known as hyperfocus, enabling them to dive deep into their work and produce exceptional results.

2) Creativity: ADHDers often think outside the box, embracing unconventional ideas and approaches. Their minds thrive on creativity, leading to innovative solutions and breakthroughs in various fields.

3) Adaptability: Flexibility comes naturally to ADHDers. They excel in dynamic environments and adapt quickly to change, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.

4) Resilience: Living with ADHD requires resilience in the face of setbacks and obstacles. ADHDers demonstrate remarkable perseverance, bouncing back stronger and more determined than ever before when they overcome challenges.

By recognizing and celebrating these superpowers, we can foster a more inclusive and supportive environment where individuals with ADHD can thrive and make invaluable contributions.

So whether you know someone with ADHD, or you yourself are learning to love this part of yourself, acknowledging these 4 points can be incredibly helpful in your journey.

Keep going.

You’ve got this.

Let’s talk if you’d like some space held

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BLOG POST:  So You're Pretty Sure You Have ADHD, What's Your Next Step?

Published Feb 15, 2024

If the thought “ok I probably have ADHD, what do I even do next?" has ever crossed your mind, know that there are millions out there with the same question. The journey of self-discovery can be transformative, and seeking a diagnosis if you suspect ADHD, can be a pivotal step towards understanding and embracing your unique self.

Here's 6 things you can do to start your ADHD journey:

Let’s take a deep breath. Feels nice, right? Now, remember, the journey to self-discovery is unique for each individual. Embrace the process, seek the knowledge that empowers you, and take steps towards understanding and thriving with your ADHD. Your unique traits are not flaws; they are the foundation of your extraordinary self.

As a member of this community, I’d love to offer you a 30-minute consult for free, to talk about your next steps and to give some guidance where you need it most.

Until then, keep breathing. You've got this. I believe in you.

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BLOG POST: Do You Have ADHD? And Does It Even Matter?

Published Jan 25, 2024

The question "Do I have ADHD?" lingered in my mind for over a decade before I sought a diagnosis at the age of 23. Like many, I grew up in an environment where acknowledgment of being neurodivergent seemed like a hindrance rather than a solution. This lack of understanding left me without the support I really needed.

One day, the need to know became undeniable. The weight of feeling different without confirmation was too heavy to bear.

You might be questioning the need for a diagnosis if you're not considering meds. I had the same thought, but as a med-free ADHDer, I can attest to how understanding what's going on within you can be incredibly beneficial to improving your life.

My ADHD diagnosis opened doors for me to…

So, to answer the question, YES, it matters to know and seek support if you suspect you have ADHD. Knowledge is power!

Discovering that I could open doors like these ^^ is exactly why I am passionate about this work. I want to help people like you use the traits that once felt like a set back— as your unique superpowers. 

If you’re ready to learn more, then I invite you to head over here to book a free 30 minute consultation call with me. On this call we’ll chat about how to take your ADHD journey miles further this year, and I’ll give you as much value as I can in 30 minutes.

And remember, knowledge opens doors, and your ADHD journey is an incredible adventure waiting to unfold.

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BLOG POST: Harmony Within Chaos: Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of ADHD Management

Published Jan 16, 2024

In a world that often values constant motion and unyielding focus, individuals with ADHD navigate a unique landscape of challenges and opportunities. As we embark on a journey to explore the intersection of ADHD and spirituality, we uncover a realm where mindful awareness and sacred rituals become guiding lights for those seeking harmony amidst the chaos. Beyond the conventional approaches to ADHD management, integrating spirituality into daily life holds promise for fostering a profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Join us on this exploration as we delve into five examples that illustrate the powerful synergy between ADHD and spirituality, offering a holistic perspective that transcends conventional boundaries.

1) Mindful Awareness for ADHD:

2) Sacred Rituals in ADHD Self-Care:

3) Energy Alignment for ADHD Harmony:

4) Mind-Body-Spirit Integration in ADHD Coaching:

5) Spiritual Mindfulness for ADHD Relationships:

In the tapestry of ADHD and spirituality, we find threads of resilience, self-discovery, and connection. As we conclude our exploration, it becomes evident that embracing spiritual principles enriches the lives of individuals with ADHD, offering pathways to mindfulness, self-care, and harmonious relationships. From sacred rituals to energy alignment, and from mind-body-spirit integration to mindful communication, these examples showcase the transformative potential of weaving spirituality into the fabric of ADHD management. Let this journey serve as an inspiration for those navigating the unique challenges of ADHD, reminding us all that amidst the complexities, there exists a space for growth, healing, and a deeper connection with the essence of our being.

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