ADHD Life Coaching

Welcome! My name's Alyssa.

After being diagnosed with ADHD in early adulthood, a new diagnosis & no further information left me with more confusion than ever. I've spent the last 10 years learning about how to manage ADHD & play to our strengths as the creative, intelligent, kind-hearted people we are.

When these strengths are harnessed, we can make for incredible leaders in our own lives and in the lives of others. ADHDers see patterns, understand trends, can quickly problem solve, and have a great sense of humor to guide and motivate those that work with us.

So can I ask, do you feel...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been there. And I can help.

together we can...

clearly identify how you're getting in your own way, talk about how to reframe it, & create an action plan that you can immediately implement to get unstuck.

Some signs you may have ADHD:

As an ADHDer, you probably also have super powers like:


I’ll take you through my proven method that has helped dozens of humans unlock the superpowers within their ADHD.


Here's my proven method i'll take you through

This winning combination nearly *guarantees* you'll experience more focus, productivity, and happiness.

Meet Your ADHD Life Coach

Alyssa Blackwell is a transformational coach with a strong educational background in mindset, spirituality, entrepreneurship and money. Alyssa, who has ADHD herself, has dedicated over 10 years to studying the topic, and 6+ years to the practice of coaching and consulting. Her primary mission is to empower women, particularly those with ADHD, equipping them with the necessary skills, tools, strategies, and unwavering determination to thrive in the intricate landscapes of the modern world.

Working with leaders and business owners across the spectrum, Alyssa is committed to supporting the superpowers of ADHDers, allowing every individual to shine and harness their creative potential. Using her wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, Alyssa is dedicated to facilitating the journey of those with ADHD towards success in today's complex and multifaceted world.

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What happens when you learn to work *with* your ADHD:

☀️ Increase your focus & productivity

☀️ Learn your superpowers

☀️ Be a better leader

☀️ Play to your strengths

☀️ Shed the shame that's been holding you back

☀️ Get the support you need

☀️ Align with your most empowered self

☀️ Organize yourself and your schedule

☀️ Create a happier and more fulfilled life

On working with Alyssa:

This is for you if you are...

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Do i have to be diagnosed with ADHD?

While I find an official diagnosis to be helpful, if you feel that you meet the criteria, then I trust you fully. You know yourself better than anyone, and if you feel that you have ADHD, I want to get you the support you need. That being said, I am not a doctor and this coaching is not meant to replace seeking medical advice

How long will we work together?

Most people thrive in a container that is 3 to 6 months, but some people just need a single session and then they are good to go! after we have your free consult, I'll make a recommendation and together, we will decide together on the best plan of action .

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let's talk about shame

Shame & ADHD go hand in hand. 


Because we live in a world that isn't built for ADHDers like us.

We're told growing up that we'd be great students "if we could just sit still" or 

"if we could just focus." 

Somewhere along the way, we started to hide ourselves away in order to fit in. 

But you're sitting on an incredible pile of skills.

I was told that if I don't acknowledge my learning disorder, it won't exist. 

And I used that as an excuse to stay in the horrible purgatory of knowing I'm different but never really addressing it or helping myself in any way. 

I spent many years living like this - it was horrible and isolating. And you can choose a new way for yourself.

By addressing the shame you feel/have felt for decades now, you can release it and move forward. 

Addressing the shame is my specialty- I've walked this path for myself, I've helped dozens of others do the same, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can help you too.